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and welcome to a little spot in cyber space dedicated to sharing some of the things I love.

   My name is Sharon Smith and these pages contain photos of my family, pets and places we have been. It also contains links to free photo editing and scrap booking software sites. You can see the scrap book pages I’ve created with a list of the kits used and links where the kits can be purchased.

  This site also contains some of  my fractal art and manipulations, There are also links to free and purchased soft ware used to create this art. Most of my art is available as prints. If you are interested in a piece you can go to http://hippychick-nm.deviantart.com/gallery/ and look through the folders on the left of the page along with the featured gallery to find the print you’re interested in. The prints can be purchased on  the spot. If what you’re interested in is not available as a print please contact me and one will be made available ASAP.


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